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LottoPool 1.1.0

LottoPool 1.1.0: Contribution management for lottopools with diagram Complete solution for managing payments of a lottopool. A diagram shows the pool administrator, which players have to pay or have prepaid their contributions. The pool adminstrator calculates new contributions or winnings with one click. LottoPool provides the following functions: - Managing of serveral lottopools - Diagram to depict the payments - Archiving of all money transactions - Contribution depending on date - Exactly calculation

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Increased Odds 1.0

to build a database of lottery history and use the results from statistical charts to create sets of numbers for your favorite lottery. Pick numbers based on past and future probabilities (Most frequent, Least frequent) or just random. The main engine of Increased Odds gives you the power to pick a set of tickets based on a large group of numbers. Key Features include: ability to customize a database to any "n pick r" lottery; view 8 different charts

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lottery systems puzzle2011 2011.23.7.c: Complete this jigsaw puzzle and have fun.
lottery systems puzzle2011 2011.23.7.c

Complete this jigsaw puzzle and have fun. Good for all the family including children.lottery systems puzzle All languages can complete this, no written words.

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LNG Lottery Ball Puzzle 1.0: Solve a fun and challenging Lottery Ball Puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.
LNG Lottery Ball Puzzle 1.0

Solve a fun and challenging Lottery Ball Puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.

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Lottery White Light Energy Tarot 1.0

The first ebook in history to use a combination of astrology and the Tarot to pick Lottery Numbers! Do Lottery Readings on the Computer! -or-  Print Out FREE Lottery Tarot Cards and use a Lottery Spread. Find out which games are best to play for specific years, months, weeks, and/or days.

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eeStruct - Free Structured Settlement Calculator 1.0: Got Lottery Payments? Calculate Lump Sum pay off from an annuity.
eeStruct - Free Structured Settlement Calculator 1.0

Got Lottery Payments? Calculate Lump Sum pay off from an annuity. Figure out what lump sum value you might be paid for your structured settlement, whether lottery, alimony, or any other. This calculator allows you to input the amount owed, the amount of time the payment will occur over, and the expected interest rat an investor might charge you. The program then output an HTML page with all of the information regarding how much you might get.

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CastleLotto 2.01.5: CastleLotto analyses and helps you predict the right numbers to win Lotto.
CastleLotto 2.01.5

to makes it easy for you to analyze winning Lotto numbers, and helps you to enhance your chances of winning Lotto in the future. CastleLotto helps you maintain a database of past Lotto results, which it uses to analyze the most commonly drawn numbers, and forecasts the numbers which are most likely to appear in the next draw. As well as the powerful analysis options in CastleLotto, you also have the ability to generate weighted random numbers, which

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